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Game introduction


Game features:

1、�Who, young and simple, would not be so lovered?

2、&#;Call me the Lord of the Manor(no watching ads to get Rewards)


4、Experience for me many bulwarks builded�

Game play:

1、Mental Asylum Mod Mental Asylum v1.0 mod Features:Free buy full versionAre you ready to accept the gift of madness and understand the secrets of the deep? If yes — “Mental Asylum” is waiting for you.Your intellect is thirsty for non standard tasks, and nervous for a “tickle”? Than horror-action “Mental Asylum” from Blueflame Studios and Wyverin Entertainment will shake you to the core! Cut the lights, connect your headphones. And watch out, because he is the only one to help you to get out of these horror paws!Our history started a short time after Michael Drew the protagonist of the game, crash his car into a tree. After the event he gets kidnapped by a mysterious patient escaped from the “High Royds Asylum”. He woke up into the abandoned building trying to get out. Will he survive?And it rests with you only, whether you will be able to solve this..."I wouldn't," vowed Anne, trying to believe it herself. "Oh, you can argue all night, Gilbert, but you won't convince me. Just you ask Miss Cornelia what she thinks of it."


3、Or my affection put to th' smallest teen,&#;


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