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Cars Mod Cars Fast as Lightning Mod APK 1.3.4d (Unlimited money) Features:Unlimited moneyCars: Fast as Lightning is a racing game set in the universe of the movie Cars, in which players will be able to run with your own vehicle against the characters of the film, including, of course, to the very Lightning McQueen.The system game Cars: Fast as Lightning is different from most racing games in three dimensions, since they do not have to control the direction, but only the acceleration. In this way, it will be necessary to rush a lot of the curves, and make a gesture with the finger, when we get to a jump or a special event, but we will not have to turn the steering wheel at any time.In addition to participating in races, which is the most fun of Cars: Fast as Lightning, the players will also be able to build and customize your own Radiator Springs. At your disposal you will have lots of different elements that add to the circuit to leave it completely to your liking.Although we will begin the game with only one car, and Cars: Fast as Lightning, we can lead up to twenty different vehicles inspired by the movie Cars. Of course, first we have to win them.Cars: Fast as Lightning is a racing game simple but very fun. Its excellent graphic section, together with its excellent use of the license and Cars, and other details, such as the possibility of collecting 'sticker', make it ideal both for children as for adults. By Andrés López.

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