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<p>Do you know what your cat wants more than anything in the world? It wants to be famous. And King is offering your fuzzy friend that chance in a new competition to tie in with Shuffle Cats.</p><p>Between now and November 27th if you upload a photo or 30 second video of your feline chum to Facebook or Twitter, and tag it with the hashtag #AmericasNextShuffleCat it’ll get entered into the competition.</p><p>You’re lucky that the competition is only open to Americans, because if it wasn’t my cat, who is called Cat, would definitely win. Seriously, she’s the best cat. There is no argument to be had here. Ask my Mum. She'll tell you.</p><p>If you’d like to peruse the rules you can do by clicking this link right here. They come direct from the King’s mouth I presume King is run by a King, otherwise that wouldn’t make any sense. Best of luck.</p>.

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